Top 10 Challenges of Frequent Moves

As a milspo, frequent moves are a given. Every few years you'll switch duty stations through a full-on move. Sometimes this means heading across country or even just a few states over, while other times it means completely leaving the country. Obviously, this brings on its own sets of challenges- from the annoyance of packing up an entire house, to finding homes for all of your belongings, to locating the nearest grocery store. Take a look at these top issues to completing frequent and big moves.

Bethaney Wallace, Army Spouse

Bethaney Wallace, Army Spouse

1. Remembering Your Address

It may sound trivial to recite your address, but when you move regularly, it can be harder than you'd think. Knowing your zip code becomes a test against your own memory, while Google auto-fills become a nightmare of random information rather than a useful service.

2. Knowing Where Things Are in Your Own Home

In this house you kept the craft box in the hall closet, but in the next house it was shoved into the attic. Now, you've got no clue where to find it! Let alone if it even made it intact to the new place. Good luck finding what you need, when you need it!

3. Pet Tags

You know those little metal IDs that prove our pets have homes? They need to be reordered every single time you move. Sure, you can forego the address and just leave phone numbers, but then you run the risk of leaving Fido far from home, should he ever get lost.

4. Jobs, sigh

It seems by the time you get settled, it's time to pick up and move again. This means finding a new job, too. With frequent moves it's hard to gain seniority or get established with a company, which is likely why this sits at the top of milspos' grievance list.

5. Making Friends

It can take a long time to make acquaintances, let alone friends. Moving essentially means starting over; not knowing a soul at the new place you call your home.

6. Learning Your Way

It can be difficult navigating a new place from day one. BUT it's even harder to get to that master level where you know just when to slow down, how many turns to the gas station, etc.

7. "Your Stores"

Every region has different chains, and of course, with a move, you have to test them all out to see who has the best prices, the friendliest customer service, and so on.

8. The Actual Move

Even if you have the military pack up and move all your stuff, you've still got to do the rest of it. The unpacking and putting away is terrible every single time!

9. Changing Your Information

Setting up utilities and turning them off takes some serious patience. Do that, along with address changes on every account you've ever had (including all your respective mail), and it's easy to see how it'd be a challenge.

10. Car Insurance

Every state has different policies and different prices. It's best to join with a multi-state company early on so you can change up policies as needed, and with minimal headache.