Homeward Bound

I return from an active duty tour to find that my house is no longer my home

I open my door to my house and there is another family living in it

Donna Zephrine, Veteran

Donna Zephrine, Veteran

They tell me they have been renting it for two months

I cannot find my wife and kids

I do not know where to look

I had a life when I left

I had friends when I left

They do not feel like friends anymore

I have seldom spoken to them in the last four years

I could still knock on their doors

I’d rather not

I have pride

I do not want to have the same questions about things I do not wish to speak of

I’d rather sleep on the street

I will find a box or standing shelter

I am strong and have survived sleeping in much worse places

I am not homeless, I just do not have a home right now

I am a hobo

Hobo means “homeward bound”

I am homeward bound,

I just do not quite know where that is yet.