Companies that are Milspo Owned and Operated

Military spouses often have to find creative careers. Or rather, creative ways to reinvent and keep their careers thriving throughout a lifetime of moves. Except for a rare few, being married to the military means near-constant relocations. It means working here and there, and changing jobs each time you do so. This can create an inability to gain seniority or scale up within your company (and in your compensation), not to mention the hassle of always being "the new guy."

Bethaney Wallace, Army Spouse

Bethaney Wallace, Army Spouse

That's also why so many milspos have come up with ways to keep their career moving and growing, no matter where they are located.

If you're wondering how to keep your career thriving, or even what type of job you can maintain through multiple moves, take a look at these success stories. The owners of these brands are milspos, and have created and run growing businesses. Follow in their footsteps or use their stories as inspiration for your budding career.

R. Riveter

In a unique solution to relocation, two military wives founded their purse-creation brand, R. Riveter. The company handcrafts high-quality handbags all throughout the United States. By allowing spouses to work from home and ship products, the brand is accessible to those married to all branches and on all bases, no matter where or how often they PCS with the military.

MilSpo Project

If you're dealing with career blues, moving blues, or a mixture of the above, MilSpo Project is there to help. Through this network of diversely qualified women, military spouses talk, meet to discuss professional goals, and more. It's also a great tool that can help spouses transition to a new duty station without starting completely from scratch. It's a great way to stay "in the loop" for milspos of all backgrounds and keeping their career from getting too cold.

Chameleon Kids

Moving isn't just hard for the parents, it's difficult for kids who have to relocate and fit in at a new school. Chameleon Kids is a network dedicated to making each move easier for kids, and for celebrating the positive aspects that come from this transient lifestyle. They also produce a magazine, Military Kids' Life. These efforts are helpful to moms who might be struggling with a move themselves, and helping kids adjust to a new location.


Looking for info on your next move? What about where to live – on or off base? These questions and countless others are answered on media outlet site, MilitaryOneClick. Today it hosts thousands of articles full of advice, discounts, and more. Not to mention its positive notion about being a long-term milspo. The website is a simple, but necessary, pick-me-up that's full of helpful advice. Allowing itself to be sought upon in virtually any military life situation.

Mango Mango Mango Preserves

Started by a long-time milspo, this brand offers, as its name might suggest, mango preserves. However, they don't stop there. After their success, the brand has since branched out to a boutique hotel, nail spa, and more. Their founder, Lakesha Brown-Renfro, even penned a book about her business successes, titled The P in Panache. The brand offers a great source of hope for milspo entrepreneurs, showing that brands can be built and ran successfully throughout base changes, deployments, and more.

Of course, these names only account for a small percentage of milspo businesses. There are those all across the country (and on international bases) who craft products to sell online, advertise, work through remote franchises, and more.

Thanks to the Internet and modern methods of communication, this professional market is thriving like never before. And with their hard work and dedications, milspos from all over are able to fulfill their work needs through a career that can travel with them, no matter where their next duty station might be located.

Stay on the lookout for this growing career space. Not only for potential job opportunities, but career inspiration in the military world.