I'm A Glorified Stripper

Anonymous Veteran

Anonymous Veteran

Where am I now? I am twenty-four years old, in a nonsensical Balkan country, wondering, what’s next? In the upcoming months, I’ll be with my girlfriend on some beach in South America, getting ready to come back to the states and then moving into an average sized apartment with her, only to go to a butt-fuck Middle Eastern country again to make a little bit of cash.

I’ve written articles like this before, talking about why I do it. It’s always the same nonsense, addict of conflict, sense of pride, and scared of normalcy, but it’s also all about the hustle. Contracting is like stripping. Before I became a contractor, I worked security and was an Asst. Manager of various strip clubs in North Carolina. The mentality is the same to be honest. I’ve realized this and it blows my mind.

The formula is the same, you take an attractive young person (male or female) with a specific set of talents (sex appeal, personality, athleticism) and you throw them in an environment (club) and they thrive. They make money and they make it quick. Between the ages of 20-29 these people (or entrepreneurs as I call them) have more financial freedom than most people I know. The same can be said about contractors. You take a young veteran, disgruntled and angry at society, throw him in a crappy country, give him 60 days of vacation, 45,000-105,000 dollars a year…that’s a lot of money coming from the military and it’s tax-free. Sounds like strippers, right? It’s crazy to think about when you break it down.

People look down on my job as they do at strippers, but some of the strippers I worked with have made 70,000 tax-free, living good lives in the suburbs outside of the major cities in North Carolina. They are free to work as they please. They go on vacations. They work hard for long periods of time and then party even harder. It’s similar if you break it down and it sounds a lot like my life.

I’ve thought a lot about the negatives I’ve brought into my life. A lot of it I’ve shared with the readers on this page. But when I’ve broken it down, despite the setbacks and why I contract, I’m blessed because of the privileges of contracting. In the past year, I’ve been to five countries. Come August I’ll have visited five more. I’ve met awesome people and seen parts of Europe many will never see, and when I break it down I’m just a glorified stripper. Selling my body in pursuit of the finer things in life, at tax-free rates, for awesome vacations and even better stories.