Anonymous Veteran

Anonymous Veteran

Recently a friend of mine took his own life and joined the ever growing number of veterans who take their lives daily. I wrote this in his remembrance, due to the fact I’ve been so down on life and constantly have thought of my own personal battles and thinking about taking my own life because of what I’ve perceived as failures and shortcomings. It’s this mentality I’ve developed, in which I embrace my failures to move me forward in life, that is why I think I’m still alive today.

When I think about the experiences I’ve had over the years I tend to wonder what life would truly have been like if all the misfortunes, bad luck, or the “just not being good enough” would have never happened. If everything I tried I succeed at and every time I put forth my best effort, it was good enough, how different of a man would I be?

It blows my mind sometimes, the nonsense I’ve put my body through and how, right now, I still think I’m doing pretty ok. But, I think I can speak for a lot people when I say that the true measure of success can be found when a person looks at their failures and continues to push forward until they realize they cannot be stopped. Many people will enjoy playing the victim role.  Many people enjoy others having pity on their situation. It feels good, I’ll admit, to have people coming up to me saying it’s ok and that it’s no big deal. I’ll have to disagree. Failure is something we should all be afraid of. I am fearful of failing every day I wake up.

I try to do something physical every morning. Starting off with success is key and though it may sound cliché, it works for me. If I do not run or do burpees or something that kicks my butt physically, the day has started off as failure, but it can be saved! That in turn is the mentality I’ve tried to mold for myself, rather than be distraught over my missed-run or whatever activity I’ve scheduled, I simply look towards what I can accomplish next. How can I better myself at work?  How can I expand my mind? How can I improve in my academic goals? How can I improve financially? I feel as if I have chances to succeed, and be a better person than I was when I woke up, and I’m lucky to have 24 hours to do so.

I don’t trust anyone who hasn’t failed. If you told me that you’ve succeeded in every task I wouldn’t believe you. I’d call you a liar or I wouldn’t associate with you. I like people who have been kicked in the gut, who have faced adversity and continue to get back up and push forward till they cannot anymore. Every day we are granted choices and we can go out and continue to improve ourselves and continue to build or we can give up and give in to our failures.

This may be a short burst of motivation but I guarantee you it is genuine. Experience after experience molds people into who they are. What fun is life if they never had to build themselves back up from the bottom of their inadequacies?

Each time I write on this page I try to give y’all a little bit of who I am. I want people reading this to realize that I’m just a dude looking to share his stories and experiences from abroad and give y’all some of the knowledge I’ve gained. The last thing I can give in closing this page is this; use your failures to prompt you to succeed and never give in. The day you quit is the day you’ve truly failed.

Written in honor of LCpl S. IYAOYAS